The Country's first OPPO Tmall Smart Venue Jointly Landed by OPPO, Tmall and YIPLED

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YIPLED Transparent LED screen initiatively providing intellengent interactive experience with real-life shopping scenarios for consumers in OPPO Tmall Smart Venue
External panorama of OPPO Tmall Smart Venue
At the entrance of the OPPO Tmall Smart Venue, an oversized somatosensory interactive screen immediately caught the attention of consumers. This is Asia's largest somatosensory cloud shelf offering with a connected customer journey.

OPPO Tmall Smart Venue Opening Ceremony
About OPPO
OPPO is an international consumer electronics and mobile communications company.
It ranked as the top smartphone brand in China in 2016. More than 200 million young people are using an Oppo handset across the world at the moment. 
According to foreign media reported, OPPO has built a massive network of 320,000 retail outlets across

About Tmall & its "New Retail" is the most popular e-commerce platform for retail. Up till now, Tmall has over 400 million buyers, 50 thousands merchants, 70 thousands brands.
Tmall New Retail Platform, adhering to the mission of "leading the global transfromation of business", is committed to improving the operationg efficiency of Tmall merchants and accelerating their business growth. It focuses on creating new retail industry solutions and omni-channel products such as "smart stores" and "smart flash", to build digital capabilities for merchants' online and offline business integration, and accelerate the completion of the transformation of the new retail model.
According to latest report by Tmall, over 800 cooperative partners have built more than 100 thousand smart stores.
Established at the end of 2014 with 4000 square meter modern production base, YIPLED is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in package solution for Smart LED Transparent Screen.
The company have experienced R&D team and 45 relative patents for transparent screen products incluing Ice Series, Jade Series, Poster Screens and so on. These products have been successfully applied to Pyongyang Winter Olympics, SCO Summit, CCTV Exploring Program "National Treasure" etc.,. YIPLED also won the prize for " Best Supplier for Stage LED Screen", and the Ice Screen was rated as
"National LED Initiative Award".
The YIPLED solution for smart stores has achieved the best marketing effect with creative content and hardware, promoting mutual conversion of users online and offline, connecting user resources across the platform.
YIPLED Smart LED Transparent Screen
Solution for Smart Stores
Open online and offline, 24H hours non-stop service

OPPO Tmall Smart Venue is not only the first new mobile phone industry benchmark for OPPO and Tmall, but also the latest practice for YIPLED to explore its value in supporting smart retail model with complete and uniquie package solution.
With the core technology of LED smart transparent screen, yipled is to cooperate with industry-leading partners to jointly explore smart retail, and steadily promote experience and innovation to all retail levels.
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