Commercial value added for glass wall on commercial building with LED transparent screen

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The modern metropolis is full of various commercial buildings, and the city is flourishing with flow of people and traffic. LED Display Project for commercial building not only beautify the building appearance, but also enhance city landscape at night. To be outstanding and highlight the features of the building is the key to run the LED Display Project for commercial building.

Glass curtain wall gradually occupied the main construction parts of city buildings. By combining LED display with the building walls according to function of the buildings, and proper design consistent with the other light structure, the expressive of architectural media will reach a maximum.

LED Display Project adopted on glass curtain wall worked in unique artistic lighting way "media architecture". It realizes affection of architectural atmosphere by change of lighting degree and beauty design techincs that bring the architectural aesthetics, value and cultural ecology as an organic unity. 

Compared with other commercial lighting solutions, transparent LED display is well known and favored by Architectural Designers and clients for its unparalled transparency and high flexibility to be installed on all kinds of flat, curved glass curtain walls, with no impact for the day time lighting of the building. Based on glass curain wall combined with modern and simple designed transparent LED technology, commercial buildings adds value with the glass wall.

Moreover, LED lightening project shall go further than just to meet the standard lightening requirements, attention should be paid on lightening structure, permeability and coordination with main building by applying bright and natural light tones.
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