YIPLED® Ice Screen Decorated Creative Stages At Beijing Internation Automatic Exhibition

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To See How the Ice Screens Demonstrated by Different Brands on the Beijing Internation Automatic Exhibition 2018


Trend Release| Liftable Ice Screen demonstrates multiple styles under shining light.

Before the launch of Beijing Auto Exhibition, both FAW-TOYOTA and GAC-TOYOTA of TOYOTA Motor Corporation released the first SUV model of "TNGA concept": IZOA and C-HR.

At the conference, the three or five Ice Screens in a group hanging in the changing light and music, presented the trendy  design of of C-HR and IZOA.

Auchan COS1° Product Launch Event 

Shopping Mall |   Ice Screen Showcase Window Formed the Colorful and Stylish Wonderland

At the Beijing Auto Show, Auchan Pavilion innovatively introduced the concept of "Shopping Mall" on site.

The facades of the second and third floors of the booth are all constructed by Ice Screens, which looked like a colorful and dreamy amusement park. In addition to new vehicle and  exciting auto shows, there're other interactive experience projects including mini-singing bars, spinning bikes and coffee houses.

Aiways Automotive Media Conference

Sky City | Suspended LOGO Elements Design with Light and Transparent Ice Screen.

Aiways booths are presented in design of smooth lines. The suspended appearance looks as light as floating clouds. The modern exhibition booth design make people feel warm and intimacy with application of technology.

Lynk & Co New Product Release Conference 

Fashion show |  Three Sides Ice screens are designed to manifest trend.

At the conference of the Beijing International Auto Show, Lynk&Co jointed the style salon and theme park together to bring visiters completely different experience compared with the traditional ones and shocking visual effect.

In addition to the conference above, all of the brands interpretate of the Ice Screen pattern in their own different ways. Such as Window grille designs of HongQi, multi-arc design of BYD, time tunnel door EV design of the ChangJiang, the fashion design of Luxgen and so on.

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YIPLED® Ice Screen Decorated Creative Stages At Beijing Internation Automatic Exhibition
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