Drama Qin Impressed Audience Through YIPLED® Ice Screens

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On March 23, the great Chinese drama "Qin" shown on stage as the unique resident performance themed the Terracotta Army. Terracotta Army is well-known as one of the 8th wonders of the world, and the "Qin" is on the required list when visit the Terracotta Army.

Drama Qin Impressed Audience Through YIPLED® Ice Screens

To achieve effect requirements on stage, the entire show based on innovate stage devices is performed with ultra-wide holographic image according to the plot and new media technologies such as ice screens. It re-creates vivid images of the Terracotta Army, enable the audience to enjoy the view and feel the presence of the great Qin Empire.

The Ice Screens technology recently used at the performance "Beijing Eight Minutes" on closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, is able to realize instantaneous switch between people and images. It’s very impressive to see this advanced technology debuted in Drama Qin!- Xi'an TV News

Bronze horses of the Qin Emperor Mausoleum presented by Ice Screen
The bronze horses of the Qin Emperor Mausoleum presented by the Ice Screen perfectly and precisely combining the tone of light with the whole stage, reflect a brilliant and mysterious in black or white or golden lights.

All-star Production Team

The general director Zhao Ming is a national-level screenwriter and master of dancing drama ,Producer Sha Xiaolan had participated in the G20 Summit Art Performance, the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Paralympic. Composer Kluse Badelt is a famous Hollywood film composer.

The drama is also composed by experienced team of visual effects producers, editors, choreographers, scriptwriters, who also engaged in national performances such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games and the large-scale theatrical performances of the G20 Summit.
The drama is not only produce to present the Qin Empire's grandeur, but also to convey the culture succession of long-standing cultural history of Xi'an and even China. An international concept serves for mutual understanding should be applied.

Let's step into the "Qinhuang Theatre" and reveal the ancient Qin Dynasty.
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