Beijing 8 Minutes at Winter Olympics, YIPLED Ice Screen Lightened up girl's dream

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"Beijing Art Performance" held after flag ceremony of Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics, actors of China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe light their dreams in a poetic way and meaningful way with the help of 8 transparant ice screens, serving the audience with a special and wonderful performance themed as "2022, I wanna fly". 
Seires of vivi scenes perfectly presented by YIPLED Ice Screen, together with dancers stunning performance with moving   screens, illustrating the global values of endless pursuit for freedom and dream fulfillment. Also embodied as Chinese people endeavour to realize Chinese dream with unyielding, enterprising and indomitable national spirits. 
Performance with actors and ice screens is structured and layered while the girl's hand moving through the ice screen, conveying China's sincere invitations to the world, and its cultural inclusiveness and integration, demonstrating the sharing development achievements as a great country.
"Beijing Art Performance" is directed by Zhang Yimou as well, and the producer of transparent ice screen is Shenzhen YIPLED.

Transparent ice screens used for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Paralympics are specialized developed with superior permeability, double backup power and signal, and high refresh rate.
Experiences of two consecutive participation in the winter Olympics deeply inspire us. In the future, we will maintain such high level performance and keep on achieving classic works by perfectly combining premium features of ice screens with the top cultural projects and performances. We will contentiously stick to the commitments made at the closing ceremony of the winter Olympics -- remain true to original aspiration and strive for perfection. We will make contribution with our wisdom on the way of achieving the Chinese dream and pursuing the common values of mankind. 

"Beijing Eight-minute", poetic "girl's dream", Winter Olympics and Paralympics show the community of common destiny and values for all mankind.

See you in 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games!
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