8-minute show at Winter Olympics, Ice Screen blown entire audience away

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Yipled Transparent Ice Screen has blown entire audience away, let's see the behind-the-scenes working process of the "Beijing eight-minute".
Beijing’s eight-minute show of PyeongChang Winter Olympic.

Yipled Transparent Ice Screen
Beijing eight-minute show at the closing ceremony of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics had been an eye-popper for audiences all over the world.

Yipled Transparent Ice Screen
Director Zhang Yimou,producer Sha Xiaolan, chief producer FengShang Culture together with Yipled Team of Transparent Ice Screen, demonstrating the show from multiple perspectives.
Yipled Transparent Ice Screen slide up in "Beijing eight-minute"

Yipled Transparent Ice Screen presented white snowflakes and transparent ice crystal 
This performance is advanced with high-tech measures to cope with features of Winter Olympics required by production team. The display wall of "Beijing eight-minute" are able to presented  the effect of snowflakes and  ice crystal transparency.

For the Glory of the country

Great challenges posed to LED display technologies used in the show. The direction team expected Yipled team to realize transparent image display with more transparent and flexible effects. At acknowledgement of the mission, the Yipled team worked the best everyday to achieve upgrading and innovation in the field of technology. Facing one and another seem to be impossible requirements, The team make it happend.

Top in the field of Industries, Well-developed Core Technology 

Yipled Transparent Ice Screen, 3 meters high with no vertical beam
Director Huang of Yipled team told, single display reaches 1.5 meters in length and 2 make 3 meters, it would be difficult to stabilize without a support in the middle regarding to performance requirements. Facing such great challenge, the team constantly endeavor to conduct research and innovate and finally developed the 3 meters screen without vertical beam. It makes Yipled advanced in the industires to master such core technology. 

Yipled Transparent Ice Screen stands the test of adverse environmental conditions 

Yipled Transparent Ice Screen
All screen had passed through anti-freeze test and testwind tunnels test at speed of 15m/s to ensure they withstand wind and freeze. "to reach such stability", said Director Huang, "required well-designed back cover for the module, which structures are precise and could be measured in microns". The technical requirement of the show promotes the innovation of LED screen Technology.

Nation honor is our driving force to move forward

With sence of responsibility, this young team of Yipled had lend Chinese wisdom to share the vision of peaceful development with the world.

The "8 Minutes in Beijing" ended up successfully on the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. We got a lot to talk about regarding the participation of the world event. We appreciate the trust of Director Zhang Yimou, producer Sha Xiaolan, and the same time, our youngs Yipled staffers at site to support.

With new starting point, new journey in the new era, Yipled Technologies will continue to mark the advancement in the industries and demonstrate China's achievement.

See you in 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games!
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