Why Choose Yipled Transparent LED Displays?

• 【Metal wiring】 ENIG processing, excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance
• 【PCB】     TG170, the glass transition temperature reaches 338℉
• 【Drive power】 Specialized customization
• 【LEDs】  Customized LEDs imported from Taiwan for transparent screen, unparalled transparency in volume of 1206
• 【Chips】        Customized Chips reach high refresh rate to the minimal of 3840HZ 
• 【Control System】 Sole supplier for solution combining control system with display screen


Up to 85-90% Transparency Rate

The images and videos perform well on transparent screens from a proper viewing angle range, with higher transparency rate and consistency. With lower defective rate and over 85% transparency makes an ultimate transparent LED display.


Ultra-wide-angle Perspective

Viewing Angle of 160°covering 90% audience


High Brightness 5000 cd/㎡

High resolution and brightness achieves advertisement reach rate of 90%, generates stunning visual effects under strong light 


Transparent Screen at Pixel Pitch of 3.9 x 7.8mm